Need a new visual identity?

This Spring I’m helping 22 design students at the Danish School of Media and Journalism develop their skills within the field of visual identity. I will be participating in teaching the course over a two month period, where the design students are trained in some of the methods we use at Stagis. The students will learn to discover authentic identity in companies and how the identity of the company is translated and executed in a visiual identity. But here’s the thing: I want a real company that they can work on. Not just some school case study but a real organization or company that need to express who they are and who want a new visual identity to express the soul of the company to the World. This is where you come in.

If you are – or know – an organisation, company, city, project or NGO and you need a new visual identity with logo, design manual, ideas for your next website – the works – contact either myself or Director of PR and Communication Anne Køster straight away. The company or organization we choose to work with will be gaining ideas and design work from the brains of 22 students, as well as their inspiration and energy. And of course the consulting hours that I put into the project. It adds up to what would normally cost about 250.000 Danish kroner (about 35.000 Euro).

The catch? Oh yes, there is one. But a small one. The organization that we choose to collaborate with has to pay a part of the students next research trip which is 25.000 Danish kroner. And then of course you have to participate in briefing all 23 of us and you have to participate in the presentations when we have done the work.

When applying to ‘win’ the new Corporate Visual Identity, just answer the following questions and send them to us:

  • Describe who you are (what do you do)?
  • What sort of elements are important for you that we design (logo, brand, website, signage, t-shits)?
  • Why do you need a new identity?

During the next week we will decide on an organization to work with. Write or call us straight away to partner up with us.

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