Review of Den autentiske virksomhed (The Authentic Company)

“Let me tell you straight away. “The Authentic Company” by Nikolaj Stagis is a book of high quality. Both in outside and inside. Here you’ll find more than 300 pages of experience economy and business development in Danish and from a Danish author. The book is absolutely worth reading and even though I have a few points of crituque, it’s overall a very nice piece of work.
The Authentic Company is in the genre of classic management litterature. It represents numerous examples from successful companies and collects these examples in an analysis that points in one successful direction and presents what tools other companies can use in order to reach the same level of success.”
The review uses a true analytical approach to the book that describes how it measures on:
 – Quality of the Product
 – Credibility and Comprehension of the analysis
– Quality of the promoted tools and hands-on approach

Overall a very good review which we are really pleased about at Stagis!

21. June 2013 comment(s)

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